Application of inflatable products

Inflatable models have played a great role in wedding celebrations, company opening celebrations, etc.!


Various opening ceremonies, new product launches, product promotions, business exhibitions, weddings and birthdays emerge in an endless stream, and there are various Chinese and foreign festivals such as: Spring Festival, National Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Telecom Day, Environmental Protection Day, etc.


Almost every week, there are more building openings, building completions, groundbreaking ceremonies, project completions, etc., which contain unlimited business opportunities. Among them, inflatable products such as arches, air columns, and cartoons play an important role. Inflatable models can not only create a grand and warm atmosphere for activities, but also publish conspicuous advertisements on the inflatable models.


Statistics show that my country has hundreds of billions of funds for various product promotion and celebration consumption every year. Judging from the actual consumption in recent years, the consumption of inflatables has shown a development trend of increasing year by year.


Amusement parks, water parks, games, camping, shopping malls