Classification of inflatable products

There are many types of inflatable products. According to different uses and shapes, they are divided into the following categories:
1. Military simulation gas model
Second, inflatable advertising balloon landscape exhibition hall
Three, large multifunctional inflatable tent
1. Conference inflatable tent
2. Promotional inflatable tent
3, Military inflatable tent
4, Educational inflatable tent
5. Building inflatable tents
Four, advertising simulation gas model
1. Inflatable clothing
2. Inflatable food
3. Inflatable mold needs to be
4. Inflatable vehicle

Five, cartoon gas model
1. Walking activity cartoon inflatable man
2. Inflatable fixed cartoon
Six, advertising inflatables
1. Lighting air model-lighting fan
2. Inflatable arches
3. Inflatable billboards
4. Inflatable screen
5. Inflatable Falling Earth
6. Inflatable column
7. Inflatable air dance star inflatable model
Seven, inflatable decoration
1. Inflatable stage props
2. Inflatable promotional activities decoration
3. Inflatable conference decoration
4. Inflatable bar decoration
Eight, Inflatable Festive Supplies
1. Wedding inflatable arches
2. Inflatable Santa Claus Inflatable Snowman
3. The unit celebrates the inflatable model
4. The government celebrates the inflatable model
5, funeral air model spirit shed
Nine, inflatable entertainment city
1. Children’s inflatable playground
2, Advertising large inflatable children’s castle
3. Inflatable Plush Trampoline
4. Large children’s sports toys
5. Inflatable trampoline
6. Inflatable slide
7. Water inflatable sports products
Ten, PVC inflatable products
1. Floor-to-ceiling PVC inflatable products
2. Inflatable air balloon shape with light